We realize any down time can be costly to our subscribers. Our goal is to provide 100% uptime outside scheduled maintenance hours. Our maintenance window opens Friday evenings at 7PM Pacific time and typically closes Saturday night. During these maintenance periods services may experience brief interruptions as we maintain our network and platform. In no case will our maintenance result in a reboot of a hosted server.

In order to accomplish our goal of 100% uptime, we have built our network and our platform from the ground up to be 100% redundant. This starts with using only premium datacenters, who provide us with redundant power and Internet access through multiple carriers with diverse points of entry. We have built our internal networks to also be redundant, impervious to any network equipment failure or cable cuts.

Our servers are fully owned and custom built to our precise specifications – we are not locked into a lease with a proprietary server and only proprietary options. Everything in our servers that can be redundant is redundant, namely power, disk and network. We use only high quality server components by the highest quality brands.

We stand behind our commitment to 100% uptime with this 100% uptime guarantee:

If a hosted service fails as the result of a fault on our side and outside our regular maintenance window, we will issue a service credit of 5% of the monthly fee for every 30 minutes of down time, up to 100% of the monthly fee. In order to qualify, the fault must be on our side. i.e. a problem in a hosted OS as a result of conflicting software or resource exhaustion will not qualify. However, a crash of the OS as a result of a crash of our equipment will qualify.

Our network uptime is independently monitored by HyperSpin from multiple locations. Our network status is always displayed on our network status page. We will also issue the same service credit whenever HyperSpin records unplanned network downtime, unless the report is due to a problem with the HyperSpin service or malicious activity outside our control.


Redhaze Network recognizes prospective subscribers need to test our services with their respective applications. In order to help new subscribers fully test our services, Redhaze Network offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the following services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated Servers

If within 30 days of signup, you determine our services are not a good fit for your needs, we will gladly cancel your account and return your money.

Limitations: Limited to one per person/account/organization. Subscription software is a product of the respective publisher and may not be subject to a money back guarantee. Please contact the respective publisher for their refund policy.

We can not refund any domain registration fees or any over charges, such as additional disk space or traffic. Subscriptions that have exceeded 25% of any monthly quota are not eligible. Subscriptions found to be utilizing our services for illegal or immoral activities are also not eligible. Subscriptions we terminate for violating our terms of service are not eligible.

We ask that you let us know what’s not working and give us an opportunity to work with you. We stand behind our services and are here to help you.


Customer Review

“I’d like to thank you for a long partnership with outstanding customer service every time I deal with you – this is why I continue to recommend you guys and don’t use anyone else for any of my websites or domain names!”

Najib Wahid, Kuala Lumpur.

“If you are looking for a web hosting that really cares how well your site does, come to Redhaze Network. They really take an interest in your site. Big difference from most of these companies. Believe me, I have tried quite a few. Big Difference!”

Mohd Saufi Amri, Langkawi.

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